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just Moni life

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May 16, 2020

34 facts about me 


I was thinking so long, what shall I write on my first ever blog post. Then I thought why not introduce myself a bit more. But it’s not going to be a boring 2 pages story of my life, I promise. Instead, I have for you 34 facts about me. Here you go!


1 – Yes, I am 34… I know, I know I look much younger lol.

2 – I am Polish, but I moved to the UK when I was 20 and I have lived here since. I call the UK my home now (isn’t this strange?).

3 – I like my first name and I am very grateful to my parents that they named me Monika, as this name is so international and easy to pronounce (compare to the other Polish names).

4 – I’m an April girl, love to have a birthday in spring.

5 – I’m a huge foodie …coffee, chocolate and ice-creams are my addictions.




6 – My favourite kitchen gadget is Thermomix and I’m a happy owner of two models (you will see a lot of Thermomix recipes on here I promise).

7 – My big dream is to own a small healthy food cafe, even better if it’s located by the beach… oh, we all can dream!

8 – I drink far too much green tea with lemon.

9 – I love travelling and so far I’ve visited 4 continents and 15 countries… Unfortunately, we had to cancel our last trip to another 3 countries (no explanation needed I think, it was booked for April/May 2020).

10 – I’m obsessed with pastel colours, especially shades of pink and rose gold, but black is still the dominant colour in my wardrobe.

11 – My high is 158cm and I always wish I was a bit taller…

12 – My favourite Asian dish is Pad Thai, I could eat it every day. I discovered it during our trip to Thailand. Then I created my version, which I am going to share with you on here.

13 – The first country abroad I’ve travelled to was Norway (still in my heart, as most of my family lives there).




14 – I love porridge oats and I can create so many amazing dishes from them. I think my next post would be my favourite banana pancake recipe, what do you think?

15 – I’m not a perfect housewife. I don’t like cleaning, but at the same time, I can’t work and rest in a mess. That’s why, most often, I try to keep our house in order.

16 – Phone photography is my passion and I think it’s not appreciated enough. You seriously don’t need a fancy camera to take great photos, you can create amazing ones with your iPhone camera too. I am still learning of course…

17 – My favourite place for a short city break is Barcelona. I’ve only visited it once, but felt in love and cannot wait to go there again.




18 – I like silence and time alone. That’s how I rest best. I have no problem with being home alone for a few days or just going out for a lonely walk or to my favourite cafe.

19 – Body part I don’t like in me is my hair. I’ve spent a little fortune on improving their condition and they are finally growing again. But if you have any tips for me or product recommendation, please share below!

20 – I’m a huge local market fan and I love to visit them in every place we go. Can’t think about my favourite one, as I found nearly every of them to be special in some way.

21 – I’m a social media enthusiast – Instagram is for sure my favourite platform, but recently I’m also enjoying Pinterest.

22 – My favourite café in the world is Sofa Tarnow in my hometown. I adore everything about it, from the beautiful interior to delicious and healthy dishes, coffee and cakes. If you ever travel to Poland it’s a must-visit place (1 hr drive from Karkow).


    Sofa Tarnów


23 – I’m obsessed with aromatherapy. I love when my house smells sweet and fresh.

24 – English is my second language, but I found it easier to write in English (excuse all my mistakes and errors, I will never stop learning it I think).

25 – I am a very slow reader and only recently found the love of books. My favourite kind is Personal Development & Self Improvement Books and thanks to the book I read recently I decided to create my own online space, which you now read (but you need to wait for that story a bit longer).

26 – Bali is my dream destination, I still cannot go over the recent situation and that we had to cancel our trip there. But I believe that I would still visit this incredible Indonesian island in 2020, fingers crossed!

27 – Writing a cookbook or healthy recipe e-book is on my bucket list for a long time now, maybe one day. Think this blog is a great start.

28 – Most of my free time I spend in my little kitchen creating delicious recipes. I’m using easy ingredients you can find in every pantry and I hate those fancy cookbooks with ingredients you never heard of.

29 – I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I have to be in a mood for a good workout and very careful when I train (due to my back issues) but l love how I feel after I do it.

30 – Most relaxed place for me is the oceanfront, so when we talk about booking anther holidays I usually pick an exotic destination. My favourite beach so far was a tiny Paradise Island (one of Koh Phi Phi islands in Thailand).




31 – Pink peonies are my favourite flowers.

32 – Hate to watch the same film twice and whenever we start watching something I’m like ‘next please, I’ve already seen it’ (even if I’m not lol).

33 – First Self Love book I read was ‘The Goddess Revolution’ by Mel Wells and OMG this book changed so much in my life.

34 – Writing was never my thing, but I wanted to give blogging a go, so welcome on my blog and I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, I'm Monika...

I’m a Polish girl living in the UK and I love to eat, travel, cook, and eat some more! 

I’m by no means a writer or photographer, but I created this little space of the internet to share with you my healthy living tips, delicious food creations, my travels and everything in between.

Hope you enjoy!


The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy

The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy



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