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Apr 3, 2021

Hello my birthday month, please be kind to me.


I do not feel at all my age, is that strange? But getting old does really scare me a lot. I also know that this is the process we all go through in our life and we should be kind to ourselves and accept that the time that goes by.


on one sunny March day


My Miracle Morning


March was all about the Miracle Morning challenge, again!

I know, I keep mentioning it all the time, but this is something that really improved the quality of my life. Having ‘me time’ each morning means so much to me and I am the most productive when I actually wake up early. So in March, I decided to return to it but also made it a bit more personal this time.

I was usually doing it in the below order:

  • exercising for at least 20 minutes – some days I went for a morning walk outside, some I only stretch for 5 minutes
  • 5 minutes meditation or just sitting in quiet with my lemon and ginger water
  • a chapter of a book, or sometimes two
  • journaling – I still use the Notion template for it and I actually type it on my MacBook, not handwrite, but I really like to do it that way while journaling I try to pick one affirmation and intention for the day
  • a quick look at my vision board


miracle morning


I believe that the key to success is to make it personal. It’s not about getting up as early as possible, but spending this hour or two each morning in peace with myself. So not every day I followed this order or even complete everything. Some mornings I only wanted to read a book, in other journaling for a bit longer. I even created my Spotify calming and relaxing playlist, which is perfect for a start to the day. Let me share it with you too. Here’s my miracle morning Spotify playlist.


Joyful March


Here’s my three things that bring me so much joy in March:

  • my turquoise reading chair and gold lamp – I’m totally obsessed! I wanted to create my relaxing reading corner for a while now, but I couldn’t find a chair I would love, till last month. How do you like it?


my new chair


  • spring walks and beautiful sunsets – the last few days of the month the weather in the UK was so amazing. It actually had been between 19-21 degrees for a few days. So I was spending more time outdoors, enjoying sunny weather in the evenings and beautiful sunsets.


sunset walk     spring is here


  • booking a flight to see my family in July – fingers crossed it would be possible, as Poland is not doing well with the pandemic situation at the moment, but I am praying for it to get better. Older I get more I miss my family.


21 self-development books in 2021


Another books added to my list. I am keeping this challenge alive …and to be honest, my morning routine really helps with it. March theme was around habits.

Doing things that scare us makes us brave and courageous. Staying positive and forming new habits for a freer life is such an important topic for me. I think I’ve picked the perfect books this month to help me with it.


April reads


I would love to know what new habit are you working on at the moment?


5/21 – ‘Atomic habits’ by James Clear


So far my favourite book this year. As you can guess by the title, this book is about introducing small habits.

Habit is a certain action or behaviour repeated regularly and in many cases automatic. This book is a proven method of shaping good habits and getting rid of bad ones. Step by step explains how good changes translate into big results. The book is written very interestingly and I was delighted while reading it. In my opinion, it is one of the best guides in the field of personal development. After each chapter I read, I was motivated for making a change.


atomic habits    atomic habits by James Clear


Stories about famous people, facts from the life of those who have been successful precisely thanks to seemingly minor and insignificant changes are intertwined with research and scientific curiosities. The mechanisms that guide us when creating habits are described.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to bring the desired changes to their lives and get rid of unwanted habits. To everyone who feels that their daily habits are not satisfactory, to people who, despite their will and change, give up after a few days because it overwhelms them. This phenomenal book explains many psychological processes by which you can understand your behaviour and use what you’d learned more effectively. The author gives a lot of practical ways to build lasting habits. We can also find out why these inferior habits are so easy to come by and to build a useful habit, we need to work on so much harder.


6/21 – ‘The Universe has your back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein


Something very strange had happened the morning I started to read this book. In the middle of the first chapter, I started to cry, my tears were falling in a huge dribble… I even asked myself what the heck is wrong, why do I cry? But I couldn’t stop, I had no idea why this was happening. So I just had a good few minutes of cry and then I realised that this book is something that I really need in my life right now. I bought it a while ago but never felt that strong need of reading it till that day. If you feel lost in your life this book is definitely for you. I am trying to be a happy and positive person as much as possible, but last year/months has been very difficult for me (probably for all of us).

So this book proves to me that Universe actually has my back and living in accordance with the natural flow of energy is possible if we only put some work into it. By separating from fear and turning to love, we experience true freedom. We just have to make a choice. Let go and let yourself be led by a higher power, God, spirit or simply the Universe. By entrusting him, we open ourselves to countless possibilities, we begin to experience the phenomena of synchronicity, and the Universe gives us signs that the path we are following is the right one.


the Universe has your back


A very pleasant reading if we want to look at life from a more philosophical and enegretical perspective. It’s one of those positions that require focus, but if you feel the need to change your life, Gabrielle Bernstein’s guide is for you. It’s so universal that everyone will find something for themselves in it. You don’t have to repeat the mantras or meditate, but you can be inspired by her words and see the world from a different, more optimistic perspective. It is worth reaching for this book if you are looking for ways to reduce everyday stress and negative emotions. This guide will make you feel the support of miraculous energy, you will find strength in moments of doubt, you will discover joy and you will always remember that the Universe supports you.


March favourites


Here are a few of my March faves:


podcast I listened to

The Gaining Clarity Podcast by Abbie Smith, which has actually launched on Fri 26th of March only. I have been following her for a while now. Her personal and business growth last year was simply incredible. In a short period of time, she had achieved so much. She is such a beautiful and inspiring soul. She is helping early-stage business owners to define their niche and take confident actions. Please be sure you check her out. Here’s her Instagram and website.


the gaining clarity podcast


place I discovered 

Aromatic oat latte and delicious cakes, that’s what I found on our first bike ride to Cleethorpes this year. A cute little delicatessen shops in a small side street selling amazing bakes and one of the most delicious coffee I had for a while. Thoms Greens was definitely worth breaking my New Year resolution of not buying coffee to take away!


raw brownie     Thomas Greens


YouTube I watched

My always favourite MuchelleB with her inspiring short videos. The one, which I found really interesting was ‘A simply way to re-motivate yourself when you’re hit a wall’. She is always so inspiring and her tips are great. In this video, she firstly suggesting to follow three steps to gain motivation back: revisit your why, revisit your vision and revisit your purpose. But then she also suggested creating anti-vision, which I found so interesting idea. She really got my attention in this video, definitely one I would recommend to watch if you feel a bit stuck with your goals.




quote of the month

have so many favourite quotes from the ‘Atomic habit’ book, so let me share a few of them on here.


quote of the month     James Clear quote


course I completed

‘Find your thing’ was a course I have started in February. I had a huge expectation, to be honest. I just thought I would do some work and find that one thing I should be doing in my life, but I did not find it. I mean I did not find that one thing, but I’ve learned that there is something out there for me and I will be carry on discovering what it is. I felt so much resistance while I was doing it and I think this caused me not to be 100% sure what I really want in life. But I am closer to find it for sure. What interesting online course have you completed recently?


find your thing course


inspiring Instagram account

I only recently found Ali from @shemademagic and I am already inspired by her content creating ideas. I would recommend checking her out if you stuck with photo ideas and your feed starts getting a bit boring (like mine recently). I am definitely looking forward to learn some more tricks and great ideas from her.




26 days of self-care


The plan for April is 26 days of self-care – 26 days as my birthday is on the 27th, so I thought it would be great to do something different, like a little countdown to my birthday. If you would like to join my April challenge, feel free to do it any time, here’s the details below.

For the first of 26 days in April, I am going to do one self-care task and each morning journal on one prompt. Keep checking my Instagram stories for a daily update. This challenge is really for me to prioritise myself a bit. The first three months of 2021 has been crazy for me and sometimes I am simple forgetting that I am just a human and a little self-care is needed.


self care April     self care task list

self care prompts list 1     self care prompts list 2


Anyway, what’s your favourite self-care activity?


Easter break


Now I am going to enjoy a little Easter break. Easter this year is going to be a time to relax, read books and enjoy delicious cheesecake with no guilt. What are you baking this weekend? I will share my bakes in next month Here and Now post.


happy Easter     vanilla cheesecake


I would like to wish you a wonderful Easter weekend,

Monika xx


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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy



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