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Feb 8, 2021

You can change anything in your life… Yes, you can!


Are you finding it difficult to make important changes or improvements in your life? Have you set yourself goals or resolutions you cannot keep up with anymore? Does this sound like you? What I have to say is that you are not alone! January is a month everyone starts fresh, with an open mind and intentions to improve our lives for good.

My January hasn’t been great in many aspects I have to be honest. You simply cannot change your life just because there is a New Year. But I have learned one thing… I cannot improve my thinking and talk negatively about my life! Sometimes we don’t even realize we act that way till we stop for a minute and became mindful. And yes, I am so guilty here… You have no idea how many times in January I said that I cannot do something, I’m not worthy of it or I would never achieve my goals…


just me


My 3 steps to success…


But in February, I intend to accept responsibility for all my poor actions and behaviours and create a positive attitude! In these three easy steps, we can all make that change possible! Are you with me?

Step #1 Awareness – firstly you have to become aware of what it is you want to change or improve in your life

What’s your why?

Step #2 Clarity – then get specific and detailed about the change

What actually is it you want to change so badly?

Step #3 Action – finally create step by a step action plan and follow it every day

How can you get closer to your goal?


These three steps should help you to bring joy and create great habits in any area of your life. What are you working on at the moment? Are you creating a change or making that dream come true? I would love to know what your thoughts on the above are?


21 self-development books in 2021


I have set myself a challenge to read 21 self-development books this year. You could think why only 21 books, but I am a slow reader and for me, this is a huge challenge. Each month, I will be sharing a short note of my thoughts on them.

So the first two books are:


1/21 – ”Do nothing” by Celeste Headlee


The first book I read was ”Do nothing” and I pick it as I love the sound of the title, to be honest. This book shows how to break away from overworking, overdoing and under living. We can find there realistic solutions for reclaiming our life, health, and humanity from a technological revolution by implementing the below strategies:

  • increase our time perception and determine how our hours are being spent
  • embrace our creativity and a capacity for joy
  • invest in quality time
  • stop sabotaging our well-being and start living instead of doing
  • stop comparing ourselves to others
  • spend more face-to-face time with others, which we actually all appreciate so much now during the pandemic

I am a person who wanted to always be productive or even more seen as being productive by others. But this book showed me that living a happy life is not about being productive and always doing, but about finding a life-work balance, a time for relaxation, reflection, and self-care.


nie rob nic


If you want to know how to slow down, break away from work so that you stop thinking about it at all, feel satisfied with the rest you are entitled to, this book is for you.

I have a copy of this book in the Polish version, as I want to read more in my mother language (so that’s why the cover on the photo is slightly different).


2/21 – ”You are a badass at making money” by Jen Sincero


I meant to read it last year, but it never happened till last month.

From reading “You are a badass at making money,” I learned that changing my money mindset, getting clear on my financial goals, and stepping outside my comfort zone are all key needed to build the financial life we all want. We simply need to get clear on our goals, be willing to change, take decisive action, invest in things that will help us grow financially and never give up.

This year I want to spend more time on improving my money mindset and work on my limiting believes, so this book was a great start to my journey. This book taught me so much about attracting and welcoming abundance and for sure improve my money mindset. Once we overcome our negative feelings, we can open ourselves up for money by making opportunities we may not be aware of when we think of cutting rather than making money.


you are a badass at making money     book and tea


This book was so easy and fun to read, but also full of incredible knowledge, inspiring stories, and impactful tips.

One of my favourite quotes from this book is:


”Brilliant ideas are love notes from the Universe that says: This is for you. I think you’re hot. And capable. Go share your stunning youness with the world.”


We are capable of amazing things, we just need a little push, a kind word, or a sign to start achieving our goals. We all can be rich, we just need to trust the Universe.


January favourites


Thought this month I would do something different and share with you my ‘favourites of January’. So, here we go:


recipe I tried

I tried these Pistachio oat squires a few weeks ago, just slightly changed the recipe by adding eggs, and made a loaf instead of squires.

I will share my recipe sometime, just want to make it one more time to be sure is a good one.


pistachio loaf     pistachio loaf cake


Spotify playlist

I am obsessed with this playlist created by a beautiful Kalyn Nicholson for 2021 and the song I love recently is ‘Long story short’ by Taylor Swift. What’s your favourite song at the moment?


2021 Spotify



the podcast I listen to

Practical Positivity with Sophie Cliff was my favourite podcast last month. I have listened to it on my 15 minutes commute to work each morning …yes, I had so much to catch up on, as there are already 120 episodes recorded. I love Sophie since I found her on Instagram –@sophiecliff The Joyful Coach. She is such a happy and joyful person who wants to spread positivity all around and show us how easy is to find joy in everyday moments.

‘Fostering hope’ was a fantastic episode – I felt like it was recorded for me and I would highly recommend listening to this episode, especially if you feel a bit upset and fed up with this third lockdown in the UK.


practical positivity podcast



I have been sharing daily quotes on my FB stories, but this one was my favourite last month:


quote of the month


I’ve been trying to stop feeling guilty because I’ve done nothing (especially over the weekends) and simply let go of the need of being productive. And for sure taking time to relax and re-charge often brings everything into perspective.


something I bought

A little coral Google Nest Mini speaker…and I have to say since I have it, there is music in my house non-stop.


google nest



drink of the month

Simply obsessed with this delicious drink: strawberry & cucumber with green tea & aloe vera, I could drink it all the time… I would love to know what your favourite tea is at the moment? Are you a milky black cuppa fan, or you prefer herbal, redbush, or green tea?


green tea     cup of green tea



So, that would be all from me. I hope you enjoying my ‘here and now’ series.

Ohhh… and I nearly forgot to share the best of January! We welcomed a new addition to the family on the last day of the month – my beautiful niece Sara. I cannot wait to be able to fly to Oslo to give her a million of hugs and kisses!


Have a great rest of February!
Monika xx

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy



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