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Jan 3, 2021

Goodbye 2020 and hello New Year…


I haven’t been checking on here for a whole month… December hasn’t been an easy period for me for many reasons. But here we are in a new year now! How excited is that?! Let me tell you, I am so so ready for 2021.


me Christmas 2020


2020 – goodbye and thank you!


2020 has been one hell of a year! This year has certainly been incredibly unkind to many people across the globe. But it doesn’t mean that we haven’t learned, changed, experienced growth, re-evaluated pretty much everything in our life and stay positive as much as we could. But if all you did was survive, celebrate the shit out of this! You did it! And that is more than enough.

I am grateful for that year in many aspects. It has learned me to not to take everything for granted and be thankful for all I have.
With everything that has happened, I was still able to travel in 2020, especially to see my family and I am super grateful for this opportunity. I was able to achieve my biggest goal, which was creating this blog to share my journey with you all. To support and inspire you to be simply happy in life and to remind me to live life fully and stay positive and thankful daily.


A little December throwback


It was good to sit down and summary that month, to be honest. I thought there would be nothing to write about, as December has been a hectic time for me, but I still managed to find few cherish memories.


Shakti Yoga course


I’ve actually accomplished something in December. I graduated from an amazing course I’ve started in October – Shakti Yoga by Justyna Polec …and OMG, I have to tell you it’s been the most eye-opening online training I did in 2020. I was lucky enough to be able to join the first edition.


shakti yoga certificate


The knowledge Justyna included in this course is huge and these 8 weeks wee not enough time to absorb everything. What I have learned… that practising yoga is not only doing Asanas but also meditating, being here and now, eating in harmony with your intuition and nature, daily gratitude, breath work and in fact every moment of our everyday life.

My favourite module was Ayurveda. I have to admit that my knowledge about it was minimal and after completing this module I felt the desire to expand this knowledge and I have a little hunger for more. And, of course, the last module on the Manifestation, which I am interested in a long time now. Although here too, I found out some new things. The manifestation is amazing and has proven itself many times in my case. In fact, I’ve learned to never be afraid to manifest crazy things in a life.

I also did my first Instagram live. Yes me, the person who is still not brave enough to speak to my phone on Instagram. I was invited to share my experience after completing this course. When Justyna asked me to do join her in IG live, I simply knew that this would be a cherry on the cake top of what I have accomplished and learned in the course and my gut was telling me that I have to go for it. I had so much fun and I hope my story let other beautiful ladies to make a decision to join her course.

There is still a long way ahead of me, but this course will stay with me forever and I will come back to it whenever possible.


Christmas 2020


This year I’ve decided to have the most relaxing and chill Christmas period I could. As December in overall has been a very stressful month for me, I knew I need to let go of that stress and make time to properly recharge. So we had the best Christmas time… We enjoyed delicious food and mulled wine, watched good Christmas films and relax. I was totally spoiled this year too. Got so many nice presents, which I am super grateful for. I hope you had a great time too, even with all those restrictions.


Christmas table 2020     Christmas tree 2020     Christmas cakes

graze plate     Boxing Day table     christmas presents


I am so ready for you 2021!


For me, 2021 is a fresh start, a new book to fill with amazing experiences and cheerful memories. It’s a year when I turn 35! I am not sure how I feel about that yet, but I know that I want it to be my best year yet and I am manifesting it strongly. A new year is always a chance to start over with a clean slate.


Let’s make intentions not resolutions


A few years ago I made a decision to stop making New Year’s resolutions, but instead, set intentions and focus on them. I have such a different attitude to this now than I used to. I feel like when you’re younger setting goals are somewhat achievable and fun to tick off a list. But older you get your priorities change and you don’t want to put that pressure on yourself any more.

So here’s my 2021 vision board:


2021 vision board


My intentions for 2021 are to:


  • travel more – I so hope we would be able to finally do it safety this year. I would like to see my family and also achieve my big dream to spend my birthday in the place I am the most happy …at the beach!
  • look after my body – nourish it with nutritious homemade meals and balanced treats, move it the way I enjoy and love it more
  • look after my mental health – working on dealing with stress by journaling and meditating
  • find time to relax – have ‘me time’ often, ready more book and build new happy daily rituals
  • work on creating my little business – something that I intend to focus a little bit more this year

I was thinking for a long time if I should share these intentions, but then I thought that sharing our dreams would make us accountable for achieving them even more. What are your intentions for 2021?


My new obsession – Notion


I felt in love with this simple productivity app. Total obsession! I’ve downloaded it a few months ago, but really start using it properly in November. I have created unique Dashboard, which is hopefully going to help me be more productive in 2021.

In a sense, it’s just an app for keeping documents and my workspace in one place. It’s quick and easy app, I can use it either on desktop or mobile and I can create in it little notes, to-do lists, basic spreadsheets, etc. It’s definitely my favourite thing to use at the moment and to be honest all my life notes, projects and databases are in it now.

Would you like me to share a bit more on this topic?


my Notion space     notion


Obsesion number two – oracle cards and crystals


Do you believe in magic? I would never thought I say that, but all this magic stuff got me very intrigued and wanted to learn to know about it, but especially about Crystals and Oracle deck.




Crystals are truly amazing and their energy is priceless. They say you should pick your crystal by yourself and feel their energy before buying them. But I got most of mine from an online shop, as this was the easiest way to get them.

People have been attracted to crystals since the dawn of time for healing rituals and spiritual advancement. Crystals are millions of years old, they absorb information and pass it to anyone that comes into contact with them. So I just thought, why not to learn more about them and discover their power myself.


amethyst     my crystals


Oracle Cards Deck


Oracle cards are pieces of paper with illustrations and phrases on them to help you gain insight in order to move into the future more mindfully and with more awareness. They are used to figure something out, to answer questions, and to gain insight or knowledge, to help to answer your questions and guide you through life.


oracle reading for 2021     oracle cards deck


I was first introduced oracle at Self Love Summit 2018 in London by incredible Rebecca Cambell. I would never forget picking a card from my chair that day and knowing that one day I would use them… but I haven’t felt ready to own a deck till now. I was kindly gifted two of Rebecca’s decks for Christmas.

Honestly, my first two readings were so so powerful and I was given clear instruction for the year ahead. I was actually shocked how amazing guideline I’ve received for 2021.


A new year wishes from me to you


January quote

Just thought I would finish this post with a wishes to you all for a better New Year with an abundance of health, love, balance and healing. Be kind to yourself, embrace your imperfections, cultivate trust within yourself, manifest your deepest dreams, love yourself even more and never stop learning and experiencing amazing things.

The future is your story to write… make next year the best one yet.


Sending you lots of love, Monika xx

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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