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Jul 5, 2021

Hello July, I was waiting for you for such a long time…


July is the month of my trip to my family home. And yes, I am here… I’ve finally been reunited with my family in Poland.

I’ve planned this trip a long time ago, but I was unsure for many months if I would be able to fly to Poland this year. Restrictions are slowly lifted and we can travel again! Poland opened borders for all double jabbed people, no quarantine or neither covid test is needed. So here I am…


Tarnow July 2021


Sad thing is that situation in the UK is still not looking great. Poland continues to be on the Amber list, so on my return, I have to get two Covid tests and self-isolate for 10 days. Not even count prior departure test… Silly I know… even with 50-100 cases per day here in Poland, the UK government had never added Poland to the Green list. But what frustrates me the most is that all of us double jabbed still have no benefits from it. Ohh well…

Anyway, I am super happy and grateful I was able to come to Poland to spend some quality time with my family. I’m here for a full week.


So, firstly let’s summary last month 

In June I was counting days down to my trip, so it was a happy month I have to say. I’ve spent more time outside, plant some trees in my garden, sunbath and enjoyed sunny weather. I’ve been also concentrating a bit more on my diet and my food intolerances, but I really want to do another post about this journey of mine.

I did not manage to achieve everything, but that’s ok. Sometimes, I think, I am giving myself many too many tasks for each month. But I no longer putting any kind of pressure on myself. I simply do what I can and what brings me the most joy.


My joyful June memories

Here are three joyful moments from June:

  • Our Saturday bike rides – every Saturday of last month we enjoyed sunny weather on a bike ride around our town. I truly love spending active weekends with Nath. Our bike rides were the best part of last month activities and we are definitely continuing our bike adventures once I’m back home (…and after my self-isolation of course).


Saturday bike rides     Saturday bike rides


  • Discovering the best matcha latte in town – since I stop drinking coffee, I am a huge matcha fan, so last month I’ve been searching for the best matcha place in my area and I really found it. They do flavoured matcha and it’s incredibly tasty. I went there twice. First time I’ve ordered an Ice Cream Matcha latte with coconut milk and the second time Lemon Matcha with Coconut milk and both flavours were amazing. This incredible place calls Maranta and it’s located in Cleethorpes. If you are planning a trip there (I know it’s not the most beautiful seafront, but it still brings many tourists each year) you definitely have to visit it and try their Matcha’s.


ice cream matcha     Mranta


  • My second Covid jab – only 21 days after my first jab I went to the walk-in centre to get my second one and I am so grateful I did it. If I haven’t been 14 days after my second jab I would probably not be in Poland right now. To be honest, I felt extremely unwell after it, but at the end of the day, it was worth it.


What was on my reading list in June?

In June I only managed to read one book, but what a book it was!

Some months reading is not on my priority list, but I think this is only because I’m finding it super hard to carry paper copy everywhere with me. So I’ve decided to invest in an InkBook a digital book reader. Ohh my goodness, I love it, best spent £100. Now I believe reading books would be so much more convenient for me. I can take it with me everywhere… it’s small, has a huge book library included and for sure it’s gonna be my new best friend now.


ink book


So, let’s go back to the book I read and my short review.


9/21 – ‘Hungry for more’ by Mel Wells

This is the second Mel’s book. I am a huge Mel fan, she is an incredible Goddess who helps women find a new purpose in life.

‘Hungry for more’ helps us dive deeper into our food and body psychology. Our relationship with food is a mirror of our relationship with life, which means our deepest cravings point to something much greater than food. When we set ourselves free from the limiting beliefs we have around food and our bodies, we begin to discover just how powerful we really are.

This book is so much more than just a way out of yo-yo dieting! It’s a must-read bible for all women seeking more connection and consciousness around their eating and their life. You simply cannot put it down once you start reading, each chapter has its own magic and the journaling prompts which were included are brilliant.


So, the plan for the next week is to relax, enjoy hot Polish summer and spend time with my fam.


Oskar     Lena


Have a beautiful month, everyone.

Sending you positive vibes,

Monika xx


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Hello, I'm Monika...

I’m a Polish girl living in the UK and I love to eat, travel, cook, and eat some more! 

I’m by no means a writer or photographer, but I created this little space of the internet to share with you my healthy living tips, delicious food creations, my travels and everything in between.

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy

The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy



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