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Jun 6, 2021

Ohh June, you are finally here!


I love the summer months… and I hope June brings us many sunny and hot days in the UK this year.

I was waiting for the weather to improve, long days and beautiful sunsets, so please June, do not disappoint me. So far is looking great! Fingers crossed for more beautiful days!

But before we start with June goals and plans, let’s summary May and start this post with a little bit of positivity.


June sunset


6 things that bring me joy in May


May for sure was a much more bright and happy month for me, so let me share six good things that had happened in the last few weeks. It feels great to focus on positivity and remember all, even small moments of joy.


  • parcel from Zen Maitri – This little surprise parcel gifted to me totally made my day. The amazing team at Zen Maitri picked for me two great products to try – Energy herbal tea & Ashwagandha capsules. I’m not gonna share all benefits of those products on here (as the list is so long), but please feel free to check them out by pressing on to the product name above. After using them for a couple of weeks I have to say those products are of incredible quality. Tea is amazing in taste and the capsules to do really make me feel so much calmer and energetic. I would definitely get these products again, so highly recommend them to everyone experiencing stress, lack of energy and clarity. Those are also great immune system boosters, which we all need in pandemic times.


Zen Maitri     energy tea


  • got my first dose of the vaccine – I know, not everyone was looking forward to it, but for me, this is a step into normality. It’s definitely gonna make my travels outside the UK much smoother and I would finally be able to see my family.


  • being able to socialise again – after so many months in lockdown, being able to finally go out and meet people is such a great feeling. I’m not a really outgoing person, to be honest, but even I missed it. So visited friends for a delicious BBQ was so much fun! …and of course, I brought some homemade gifts with me, which my buddy Thermomix helped me to create.


BBQ with friends     homemede goodies


  • Nath’s birthday trip to Scotland – as they reopened all hospitality sector in the UK, we decided to take another train trip, for 5 nights this time up North to Edinburgh in Scotland to celebrate Nath’s birthday and relax as much as we could after this very stressful first half of the year. Let me know if you would like me to do a little Edinburgh guide, as I’ve got so many photos from there it would be fun to share how we spent our May Staycation.


birthday trip to Scotland     trip to seaside


  • signed for the ‘Ayurveda for everyday’ course run by Justyna Polec – I always wanted to learn more on this topic, so I was so happy to see this course and I had signed myself in. I am looking forward to learning more about finding the right diet, exercise, and daily routine for my dosha. But also how to reduce my stress, improve digestion, and find a life balance again. Justyna is an amazing teacher, I have already completed her Yoga course last year, so I am sure this one is also going to be great.


  • opening of a new cafe just a few steps away from my house – I don’t think I ever been more excited after I found out that Grimsby Garden Centre has open a beautiful and spacious cafe. I’m looking forward to some Sunday breakfast or dinners there. I only wish they have more vegan options and it wasn’t so noisy there (it’s a busy cafe for sure). But what the most amazing is that they are supporting mental health in NE Lincs from its profit! So a place worth spending our money in.


lunch at Grimsby Garden centre     The Potting Sheed



My reading challenge continuing…


As you know I did not share any books in April, but in May I’ve finished another two of the 21 books I’ve challenged myself to read within 2021.

Here are another two of my short reviews:


7/21 – ‘Untamed’ by Glemmon Doyle

This book is about finding and being true to yourself. The author talks about self-awareness, family, sexuality, religion, spirituality, and anxiety. A raw and honest list of challenges we are experiencing in our lives as a woman. We work so hard to tame ourselves, but really we should let down our guard, begun to be who we want to be, and have compassion for the world.

I quite like the format of the book, which reminds me of something like a collection of short blog posts. I read a chapter any time I had a few minutes to spare and this always brought some positivity into my day. I did not feel related to lots of the chapters, as I am not a mother, but I still was able to take so much from this book.

There is more to life than the roles we have been assigned. There is more to life than being compliant. There is joy and it’s waiting for us.  This book reminded me, that what I feel and think is valid and right. It reminded me that being me is enough good. If you need those reminders in your life, definitely this book is for you.


Untamed by Glennon Doyle     Untamed by Glennon Doyle


8/21 – ‘Eliminate negative thinking’ by Derick Howell


After a very stressful April, I needed to read something that would help me to overcome negative thinking and I found this book. It’s a short, 107 pages guide stuffed with knowledge and many useful tips to help us overcome negativity, control our thoughts, shift focus into positive thinking and self-acceptance. This book is full of important information and examples, but without any personal stories, so totally different from what I usually read.

The author explains in it that to heal our mind we need to accept which condition we are in first and then think about how can you be ourselves again. He suggests following recommended solutions like surrounding yourself with positive people, be more creative and mindful, go for walks, cultivates healthy habits, practice self-love, gratitude and positive affirmations.

It’s a great book with simple written and easy-to-understand techniques to combat negative thoughts and instead think more positively. It has definitely helped me a lot last month by showing me step by step how to channel my thoughts and opinions through body language, humor and positivity to feel better and happier in life.


Eliminate negative thinking by Derick Howell     Eliminate negative thinking by Derick Howell



My June plans and goals


I’ve been struggling recently with finding my balance in life. So in June, I’ve decided to set myself some achievable goals and introduce basic positive routines into my day. But I also want to be more accountable for achieving them and I believe sharing them here would help me with it.


So here’s my list of June goals:

have an early morning’s – I used to love my Miracle Mornings, so one of my June goals is to get up at 5 am (let’s say 5ish) with an intention to have ‘me time’ before I settle for work

starting the ‘Ayurveda for everyday’ course – I have already mentioned it above. I am super excited to start it on Monday and learn more about how to use Ayurveda knowledge in my every day.

improve my diet and eating habits – nourishing my body with delicious and healthy food and continuing to eliminate products I’m intolerant to is definitely one of my biggest goals this month.

be more active again and exercise daily – I cannot be as active as I used to be, but why not walk a bit more. June’s challenge is to walk around 10k steps every day for 30 days in a row. But also, as the weather is getting better and hopefully stay like this for longer, I would like to spend some time each weekend on biking trips in my local surrounding.

be a bit more active on Social Media, especially here and Instagram – consistency with my posts has slipt a bit recently. I really want to work more on my side hustle, as creating content and taking photos do really bring me joy.

learn more about creating Newsletter for this page – Would you actually be interested in getting a monthly newsletter from me? If so, what kind of content would you like to see in it?

continuing my reading challenge – but on top of another two books, I would also like to read the e-book I got recently. I’m also thinking about getting a digital reader. Which one would you recommend?

put my CV online – last, but not least goal is to add my CV to the online CV-Library and open door to new possibilities. I have mentioned already how not fulfilled my day work is, so it’s just about the time to start searching for something else. Btw, I’ve already accomplished this goal and I feel so good to tick one point off my list.


So, that would be all in this post. Hopefully, this month you will see a couple more. But I would really like to know what would you actually like to read on my blog? Please share with me any suggestions on here or DM me on Instagram.

Have a sunny June,

Monika xx

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy



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