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Nov 9, 2020

Is it really November already?


We are actually in the first third of the month, so I should apologize for a little late post, life moves far too fast. Ohh well, let’s keep positive!


cup of coffee


October has been challenging, but also a happy month!


While so many of you still working from home, I’ve been commute to my work every day. Life in recruitment never stops and it’s a huge challenge at the moment. But by creating some great morning and evening habits I managed to stay positive.


My Miracle Morning during October


Last month was definitely much better with my morning routine, especially the first part of it. Miracle Morning is something I would always talk about, as I do adore how good this practice is.

It’s actually been a year since I read ‘The Miracle Morning’ book by Hal Elrod and I have to say it’s changed my perspective on how my mornings can look like. This morning practice has been a part of my day for a long time now. November is going to be another great month because I am continuing my self-care morning rituals. What about another Instagram challenge? Maybe you would like to join me next month, we could create fantastic morning rituals together?


My favourite meal of the month


I am really on to smoothies recently. It’s not only a quick breakfast but also starting the morning with a smoothie is an excellent way to feel invigorated, refreshed, and ready to take on the day. Last month my favourite one was the Green Smoothie. Let me share this delicious recipe below.



Green Smoothie

Ingredients for 1 serving

handful of fresh baby spinach

1⁄2 avocado

1/2 frozen banana

1 pitted date

1 serving of vanilla protein powder of choice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

350 ml plant-based milk (coconut, oat or almond)


Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.

I used my Thermomix to blend all for 30 seconds on speed 8.

Do you like smoothies? What’s your favourite one?


So what else has happened in October?


As I already mentioned October had been crazy busy, especially at work. So at the end of the month, we really needed to recharge and we went for a little holiday. Planning last minute trip abroad in the second pick of the pandemic was the best thing we could do. Yes, you can call me crazy, but we have decided to take a few days off from work to relax and restore, and we definitely didn’t want to spend them at home.

We really wanted a week in the sun, but this seemed so not realistic at the time with Covid infection number goes up so drastically in the UK and worldwide. So we’ve decided to go to a bit different direction. We booked a flight to Stockholm in Sweden. We went there between Sun 18th and Thu 22nd of October, so 4 nights altogether. But this was really enough to have a bit of normality, which we are so grateful about.


Why Sweden?


We picked Sweden because I am obsessed with Scandinavia! As you probably know Norway is my third home on the earth. We could not go to Norway as we would have to self-isolate for 10 days on the arrival there, so we’ve picked Sweden. The only country that never implemented lockdown or crazy Covid restrictions. And another one to add to our travel bucket list of course.


Swedish “Fika’


The one thing I adore about Sweden is their slow and intuitive life. ‘Fika’ concept is the best part of it and it’s definitely the easiest bit of Swedish culture. ‘Fika’ is essentially a coffee break, with no set time, a great social occasion to chat for a few minutes over coffee and a snack. It’s so adorable how many Swedes are relaxing in cafes, drinking delicious coffee, eating traditional pastries and getting their ‘Fika’ on.



We’ve visited a few popular cafes, like we always do, and tried delicious coffee and pastries too. Both cinnamon buns (kanelbullar) and cardamon buns (kardemummabullar) are to die for. It was a great experience for sure.


Little Stockholm guide


Stockholm is a beautiful European city with many amazing things to experience. Below is our little guide for a few days there:

  • Gamla Stan – the old town with beautiful narrow streets and small local shops.


Gamla Stan     Me in Gamla Stan


  • Stortorget – the oldest square in the city at the highest point of the island.
  • Royal Palace – the largest palaces in Europe where The King of Sweden still lives and most royal events and receptions happen.
  • Stockholm City Hall – one of Stockholm’s major tourist attractions.


Stockholm City Hall     In Stockholm


  • Drottninggatan – main shopping street of the city.
  • Hötorgshallen – underground food market with a good variety of stores.


food market      food market     food market


  • Strandvägen – a boulevard and esplanade with views to Gamla Stan and Skeppsholmen, and tying Djurgården to the centre of the city.


These three we did not manage to see, as 4 days is really not enough for everything. But I’m adding them on here as they are great tourists attractions too.

  • Fotografiska Museu – one of the world’s top photography galleries.
  • Vasa Museum – the world’s best-preserved 17th-century ship.
  • ABBA: The Museum – an interactive museum through the journey of one of the greatest pop careers in musical history.


And a few more tips:

  • 72 hrs transportation ticket – with a valid ticket you can use the underground trains, buses, trams, commuter trains and boats/ferries between some stops on the central islands in Stockholm. It’s definitely the cheapest and most convenient way to commune in the city.
  • Experience ‘Fika’ at one of the famous cafes in Stockholm – Johan & Nyström is the most popular one.


cinnamon bun     cardamon bun


  • Book your hotel with breakfast, as Sweden can be pricey – we stayed in the Clarion Hotel Stockholm and our hotel has an amazing breakfast choices. We were even able to take away coffee and some sandwiches and fruits.
  • Famous Swedish Meatballs – must try while in Stockholm. Best place to try them is cosy restaurant call Meatballs for the people and oh my goodness these meatballs there were simply delicious.


meatballs for the people     Swedish meatballs


We haven’t managed to visit all places and see everything, so we would definitely return there… but maybe in the summer this time.


Let’s have a great November!


Even with a second Lockdown in the UK this month is going to be great! I actually cannot believe we only have two more months this year. 2020 is definitely not what we all have expected, but we can still use these last two months wisely.


My quote of the month


I would end this blog post with the powerful productivity quote of the month, which I hope it would motivate me to stay productive and achieve my November goals.


”Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

Norman Vincent Peale


I would love to hear what your favourite memory of October is? Please add it to a comment box below.

I hope you’re staying healthy physically and mentally while we still navigate Covid-19. It’s a strange and challenging time but we’re in this together for yet another month!

I wish you all an amazing November!


Love, Monika xx

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy



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  1. Christine Brookes

    I enjoyed your blog and will have a go at the apple cake sometime only thing is my partner shouldn’t eat cake and I have to eat them mostly myself. I also enjoyed hearing about your visit to Sweden think we would like to go there sometime when we can. Best wishes Chris x

    • Monika

      Thank you for lovely comment. Sweden is beautiful, but I would definitely recommend to go there in Spring/Summertime. Let me know how you like apple cake. All the best to you x


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