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May 24, 2020

Did you know that I am a huge fan of Thermomix?


Thermomix is like having your very own chef at home and I am obsessed with it! This amazing machine made my life so much easier, effective and it saves a lot of my time and money. Cooking and baking with Thermomix is so much fun. It not only inspires me to cook healthy homemade meals every day but also to spend more time in my kitchen. And my partner loves it too. He can easily create great meals with our Thermomix and he even baked me a birthday cake a few weeks ago. So how not to love this incredible kitchen machine.



Just to explain a bit more what Thermomix is, as not all of you may know it. Thermomix is an intelligent kitchen robot with around 20 built-in functions. Some of the functions are slow cooking, high temperature, sous-vide, rice cooking, thicken, blending and fermentation. Since I got my Thermomix I have gained so much free space in my kitchen & cupboards, as instead of 20 I only have one kitchen gadget (or two, as I own both models, TM5 and TM6).


Thermomix dish I love


I have so many favourite dishes, but one which I share on the photo is on the top of my list and thanks to Thermomix I can make it in as less as 15 minutes.

If you are a fan of Chia Pudding you know that they taste best left in the fridge overnight, but not this one! This yummy Chocolate Chia Pudding is ready to eat in just 15 minutes. Creamy and full of nutrients, best for a breakfast or as a snack in between the meals.

Here’s a recipe to my Chocolate Chia Pudding, but you can also find many more Chia Puddings on Cookidoo platform.


What is Cookidoo?


My favourite part of Thermomix is Cookidoo platform. Cookidoo is an incredible online recipe collection that is connected directly to my machine but can be easily accessible via computer, tablet or phone too. Cookidoo offers over 40,000 recipes all with innovative guided cooking functionality.

So thanks to Cookidoo, delicious meals at my home are only one click away. Membership gives you access to other great features like a meal planner or shopping list. You can create your collections to keep your favourite recipes organised in one place, for easy access every day.  It’s an international platform, where you can find thousands of mouth-watering dishes and treats recipes from all around the world. And on top of that, you get inspired daily, with new recipes added all the time.
You will see me mentioning Thermomix a lot on here, as this is truly a kitchen robot I cannot live without. But please do not feel pressured to buy it, it’s definitely an expensive toy.

Most of my recipes you see on here or my IG page can also be made in a standard kitchen robot or just in a good old pan on the hob and oven. But if you would like to know more about this incredible kitchen gadget, please check them out or book yourself an online cooking experience with one of their advisors.

I am not sponsored by them in any way and all I share on here is my very own experience. I am a member of an official Thermomix UK community star online programme and I enjoy spreading the love abut this great kitchen robot, which I believe will be in every kitchen in the UK in the future.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, I'm Monika...

I’m a Polish girl living in the UK and I love to eat, travel, cook, and eat some more! 

I’m by no means a writer or photographer, but I created this little space of the internet to share with you my healthy living tips, delicious food creations, my travels and everything in between.

Hope you enjoy!


The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy

The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy



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