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Manifesting a fulfilled life

Feb 2, 2023

Manifestation is a topic I want to delve into this year.


Did you know you can manifest anything you wish for?


“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” – Maya Angelou




The law of attraction is based on the belief that positive or negative thoughts have the power to create our reality. This means that whatever we focus on is what we are bringing into our life, our thoughts and our energy can create our reality.

Manifestation is really about understanding what it is that we want for our own life experience and then creating those outcomes.

So whatever energy we put out into the world is what we’ll receive back. If we are constantly being negative and feeling down, then we are going to attract and manifest negative energy. But if we stay in a state of high vibration we’ll set ourselves up for more positive experiences and things in our life. When we’re truly intentional about what we want and practice manifestation, our dreams can come true. The key is believing, without a doubt, that it will.

An example from my life – every time I’m traveling it rains, it rains a lot and the weather is simply bad… If you know me, then you know what I’m talking about! It’s a label I’ve been putting on myself for years – we’re going on holiday, even though the weather will be bad anyway. I tell myself over and over again that our plans are going to fail because of the rain, or that we’ll probably have another tropical storm in the dry season, and I keep checking if we’ve packed an umbrella several times before we leave. This is how low my vibrations are before each of our travels and unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating. But that will change! From now on we will have just sunny days!



So as you can see, I needed some extra help to start manifesting and attracting my desires into my life, so I’ve joined Gabby’s Bernstein 21 days manifestation challenge. And finally, I start understanding the process and changes I have to make…


21 Days New Year Manifestation Challenge


This challenge was amazing and I really enjoyed starting the new year this way! I thought the content was very helpful and informative, well-organised into 21 days with each day having a daily lesson and tasks to complete. I was able to review the knowledge I already have, but also learn so much more about how manifesting works.

Gabby is an amazing person and I love to listen to her voice. There is something special about her and she has been my inspiration for a long time now. So I want to share my thoughts about her challenge here.


The 21 lessons I learned during the challenge:


1 – To begin the manifesting process I must get crystal clear about what I want to attract into my reality and claim my desires.


2 – While having negative thoughts I should notice them, forgive myself for them and choose again, because every time I consciously choose new thoughts I raise my vibration.


3 – To manifest consciously a beautiful life I must become a YES for what I want and bring more inspiration in my life to avoid attracting what I DON’T want.


4 – When I become conscious of the energy I’m putting out, allow a stream of well-being and get into its flow, then I feel good and I manifest my desires.


5 – A powerful way for my desire to become my reality is to LIVE AS IF by taking small right actions daily toward how I want to feel and don’t underestimate the power of those actions.


6 – The biggest and more important element of manifesting is to cultivate the feeling of what it is I want to experience and when I start to do everything that it takes to support this feeling it becomes my reality.


7 – One of my biggest blocks to manifesting what I want is my resistance to feeling good, which I can release through a simple breath practice.


8 – If I’m unsure about a decision or I simply want to know I’m on the right track, I should ask for a sign from the Universe to guide me toward anything I desire.


9 – The Universe can truly get to work when I embrace my peace within, commit to feeling good, stop controlling and surrender the outcome.


10 – The technique that I can use anywhere, anytime, to feel better FAST is to express appreciation for all that is good in my life.


11 – When I open up my heart and cultivate gratitude in all areas of my life, I elevate my energy, open my mind and become a magnet for what I desire.


12 – My core desires and leaning into my non-negotiables will help me feel connected, supported, and in alignment with what I really want to attract and stay on track as I manifest what is of the highest good for all.


13 – The Universe doesn’t really care whether I’m manifesting by accident or on purpose, it’s just responding to the energy I emit, so I should start manifesting more consciously and intentionally by incorporating creative visualization into my day and allowing it to become a feeling.


14 – The Universe is always sending me subtle signs of encouragement to show me that what I want is on the way, so I should start to recognise them with gratitude and celebration especially if see it in other people who already have what I want.


15 – Having fun along the way and leaning toward joy are truly the most important parts of manifesting, so to start manifesting my desires with much less effort I simply should commit to feeling good and bringing more joy to my everyday.


16 – I feel good when I focus more on what’s working and thriving in my life, and that good-feeling state is what attracts more of what I want.


17 – There is so much spiritual guidance available to us, so I should always welcome their support, just simply surrender, and have faith that my spirit guides will connect with me in divine time.


18 – The quickest way to get out of an energy of lack is to give, so wanting more for others puts me into an energy of abundance, because it feels good to want others to flourish.


19 – It’s important that I protect my energy when manifesting and I’m mindful of who I share my vision with, as my energy matters most.


20 – The more I accept that feeling good is the goal, the easier it will be to allow well-being to flow and begin to see that the more I allow, the more I attract.


21 – Manifesting is one part of a larger spiritual journey and a beautiful adventure, so I need to honor the commitment of returning to practices I’ve learned during those 21 days in my daily life.



Definitely, my manifesting journey doesn’t end after completing this challenge. I will return to these lessons and practices as often as possible and continue to create the life I desire. I truly commit to being a Super Attractor in my life!


”When you change the vibration of what you send to the world, the world must reply with a different vibration: new situations, opportunities, people and events.” – Barbara Pasek



To summarise this post I want to remind you (and myself too) that the energy we put out is what we will receive. So it’s super important to control our thoughts! I encourage you to take a moment today to reflect on where you focus your energy and how it mirrors back on what you receive.

Are you into the manifestation and law of attraction? What have you recently manifested into your reality?


Happy manifesting!

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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