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Aug 9, 2020

Photo review of my favourite cafe in my hometown.


It so happened that in July Poland opened its border, and I did not wait long to rush to the airport! My first flight after the pandemic (let’s say after because unfortunately, it will last forever I think) had to be to Poland! I do not hide, I miss my motherland, but mostly my family.

During my stay, I also visited my favourite coffee shop in my hometown of Tarnów. A beautiful little city in southeastern Poland which is well known for its traditional Polish architecture, which was strongly influenced by foreign cultures, mostly Jews. Tarnów is also the warmest city of Poland, so if you are looking for a hot summer its a place to visit.

The Sofa Cafe, as we are talking about it, is on my list of places to which I like to return over and over again to enjoy delicious, fresh food and aromatic coffee.


Sofa Tarnow     Sofa Tarnow


This charming eatery is located near the historic city centre, on Wałowa Street, which neatly arcs around the Old Town Square. The sofa encourages you to visit not only with its excellent location but also with its cosy interior and friendly service. And most importantly, it attracts with its colourful and healthy food as well as delicious coffee and sweets. Both vegetarians and vegans, as well as meat lovers, would find something for themselves.

The place undoubtedly has its unique charm and is made for photographers. A real Instagrammers paradise. There are a lot of charming tables, a library and comfortable sofas. The atmosphere is amazing, the interior is very eye-friendly. There you can for sure spend pleasant hours, sipping coffee yourself or meeting friends or family for a chat.

A small summer garden is arranged in the front of the cafe building. The cafe also has a pantry where you can buy small snacks and souvenirs.


Sofa Tarnow Wnętrze     Sofa Tarnow Spizarnia     Sofa Tarnow Ogrodek


I’ve visited there twice during my one-week stay in Tarnów. First time for breakfast before visiting the hairdresser, and the next day to do some work on my laptop in a peaceful environment. And I must admit I was not disappointed. Everything tasted great, and the dishes and drinks were served in the blink of an eye by the smiling staff.


Sofa Tarnow Smakolyki     Sofa Tarnow Slodkosci


The extensive menu of the cafe includes, among others, breakfast sets, sandwiches, tortillas and lunch dishes. As well as warm and chilled drinks and delicious desserts. I liked the additional menu of the month, which included dishes and delicacies with seasonal ingredients. From the July menu, I enjoyed a wonderful peach tart. It was delicate and aromatic at the same time, on a light nut-date bottom.

I was also tempted by a sophisticated breakfast basket, gluten-free meringue and crapes with raspberry mousse. Yes, I know, I’m a huge foodie. And I honestly admit everything was delicious and if I could I would order more.

The cafe offers homemade, natural and healthy sweets, gluten-free and vegan cakes and pies as well as desserts in jars. Besides, you can drink delicious, freshly squeezed juices, teas and aromatic coffee with plant milk there.


Sofa Tarnow Menu     Sofa Tarnow Menu     Sofa Tarnow Menu


Pleasant, tasty and original – this is how I can briefly describe The Sofa Tarnów. This is a cafe that I will definitely come back to more than once. This is one of those places where time passes slower and nicer and you don’t want to leave it at all. A place worth recommending, where everyone will find everything they need to spend a nice day.

If you are in Tarnów, be sure to check it out! I guarantee you that you will fall in love! This cute place has a fantastic website (yes in English too), Instagram and Facebook page, for more information please check it there!


Sofa Tarnow     Sofa Tarnow


How do you like this post? Would you like more reviews like this? Maybe you have your favourite coffee shop in your hometown? Be sure to let me know in the comments below and share your recommendations.


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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

healthy & happy



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