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Jun 21, 2020

Prague in 3 nights – our memories from January 2020 getaway


Our last trip, before Covid 19 pandemic, was weekend getaway to Prague at the beginning of this year. I cannot believe this was 5 months ago. I felt in love with this capital city of the Czech Republic! As it feels nearly like being in my home country. Chechia is so similar to Poland in many aspects.

I’ve created this short guide for everyone who fancies a few days getaway not too far from the UK. I hope it helps you to plan your trip there. Hopefully, we would be able to fly again soon! 


On our trip, we stopped in a beautiful and colourful 4 star NYX Hotel by Leonardo Hotels. We paid £330 for 2 rooms for 3 nights, so I think quite an affordable price. The hotel is beautifully designed with plenty of modern art around and a perfect location, in the heart of the lively new town.


         NYX Hotel by Leonardo Hotels     Prague main squire


A few tips – good to know before you go:



OMG… flight there was the worst ever, I felt like I’m in a freaking pub, so be ready for it. So many Brits travel there just to party, so don’t be surprised (we flew with Ryanair from Manchester on Friday night).



Uber is the quickest way to get from the airport to the hotel. We paid around £13 for 25 minutes drive. But while you in the city centre you can easily walk from point to point or use Lime Scooters. These were so much fun. I would recommend to rent one while you there, but would not advise to use it on rainy days.


Money exchange

Always look to exchange your money as far from the main attractions as possible. New Town area was better to exchange our spending money than Old Town for sure.



Hotel breakfast is always so overpriced, so below is my cafe recommendation list, there are plenty of affordable breakfast places around. There are great healthy-ish fast food places too if you want something on the go.


Drinks and snacks

Do not buy snacks and drinks in souvenir stores, as these are so overpriced there. Look for a small local shops call Žabka.



There are so many small shopping centres around the town and you can find amazing bargains too – I got myself a few great bits, like Obag for only £33. One shop I would recommend visiting is Hamley Toy Store. I felt like a big child there, just love it there.


Chech people

Local people hate Brits for sure, when they’ve heard me trying to speak Chech or Polish there were so much more friendly than when I spoke English to them. So I would advise to learn a few words, like good morning and thank you, they would appreciate to hear that.

Hello/ Hi/ Goodbye – Ahoj

Good morning – Dobré ráno

Thank you – Děkuju

Please – Prosím


Food – something that I’m always looking forward to on every one of our trips


Prague is a heaved for a foodie like me. It will not disappoint you for sure. In 3 days we only managed to check a few places out, so below are my recommendations and feedbacks.


Cafe Chloe

The most pink and flowery place I saw there. I love its style, beautiful and airy interior, cute plates and cups and it wasn’t expensive either, as I thought it would be. We paid for two drinks and a slice of a cake around £10. We had enjoyed a flat white with coconut milk, hot chocolate and strawberry cake there.


Chloe Cafe     Chloe Cafe


Bistro Sisters

An amazing open sandwiches cafe, it’s a must-visit place and they have two shops in Prague. We paid around £12 for 3 open sandwiches, 2 green teas and a flat white. Very delicious and cheap lunch.


Bistro Sisters     Bistro Sisters


Bageterie Boulevard

Healthy-ish take away place, with good and affordable breakfasts, sandwiches and salads. They’ve served me the best coconut latte I ever drink in my life, it was light and creamy, exactly as I like it. We paid less than £12 for a crape, cheese omelette, avocado and halloumi muffin, orange juice and a latte.


Choco Cafe

Best real hot chocolate, so rich and delicious, a paradise for chocolate lovers like me. We’ve ordered three different hot chocolates: white, milky and dark and we paid around £11 for those, worth every penny. We also bought some chocolate bars to bring home with us and they were so tasty too.


Choco Cafe     Choco Cafe


Cafe Elektric

Delicious breakfast! I’ve ordered matcha pancakes and they were yum. Great coffee and a fantastic atmosphere. I would love to visit this place in the summer as they have a great outdoor space too. We paid around £20 for breakfast for two, not too cheap, but worth it.


Cafe Elektric     Cafe Elektric



A Vietnamese restaurant and take away place next door to our hotel. As we both love Asian food we decided to have our dinner there one night and it was so tasty! We paid for spring rolls starter and 3 main dishes around £15.


The Mail Room Bistro

We had lunch there and we paid around £35 for 3 small plates and 3 drinks. A bit fancy and overpriced place I think, but the food was delicious. Everything seems to be more expensive on the other side of the river, to be honest. I had avocado and salmon toast and second one with cottage cheese, tomato and pomegranate. Brown poppy seed bread was so tasty there.


The Mail Room Bistro     Good Food, Coffee and Bakery


Good Food, Coffee and Bakery 

If you want to try ‘chimney’ ice cream this is the place! Best one in Prague! I had pistachio and caramel one and that was the best spent £5 on that trip.


I wish we’ve tried some traditional food while we were there, but I didn’t find any place I like. Maybe you know some, so I could add it to my visit next time list? Feel free to add in comments box below your favourite cafe/restaurant in Prague!


Attractions – my top 10 of what to do in Prague


Prague is an amazing city and you cannot get bored there. All attractions are nearby, but a lot of walking is involved. In only two full days we saw a lot, but still, not everything I wanted. My top 10 places worth visiting are:


Prague Castle

The largest ancient castle in the world that looks almost like a small town itself. It’s so beautiful and huge, so you could spend a whole day just wandering around it.


Prague Castle     Lennon Wall


John Lennon Wall

Colorful wall that has been filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti, lyrics from Beatles’ songs, and designs relating to local and global causes.


Old Town Squire

The most popular part of the town, which offers plenty of restaurants, street food, pubs, shops, entertainment, galleries and museums.


Old Astronomical Clock Tower and Old Town Hall

The view from the tower is simply incredible. It’s a must-visit place for sure.


Prague Main Squire     Charles Bridge


Charles Bridge

A historic bridge, with its 30 imposing statues situated along each side, that crosses the Vltava river.


Gallery of Steel Figures

Incredible sculptures of robots, film and cartoons characters and perfectly reproduced car made of elements derived from recycling of steel scrap.


Gallery of Steel Figures      Apple Museum


Apple museum

If you are obsessed with your Apple gadgets, like me, it’s a place to see and explore the history of products designed by them.


Havelské tržiště street market

Not only great for buying fresh fruits from but also you’ll find there all sorts of unique souvenirs and gifts to bring back home.


Havelske Street Market     Havelske Street Market


Wenceslas Square

A commercial and administrative centre of the city as well as the site of important social and historical events. You can find their cinemas, theatres, banks, hotels, restaurants and dozens of shops.


Chocotopia chocolate and wax museum

Chocolate and wax museum in one building. If you are a chocoholic you should skip Madame Tussauds and visit that one instead.


Overall we enjoyed our stay in Prague, it was a great weekend getaway. Have you visited Prague yet? What was your favourite place there? What restaurant or café did you liken the most? Or maybe you would like to share your tips?

I hope you enjoy my little Prague guide. I would love to go back there one day, but probably in the summer.

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The best way to eat is one that makes you feel

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